50 Participants!

I am honored to note that as of yesterday I have sent folding kits to the first 50 participants! I have sent 19,000 pieces of pre-cut paper to participants near and far. The response to this project has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. I have talked with artists and non-artists alike, and am enjoying this growing community of participants. People throughout the U.S. (and one person abroad!) have signed up to join me in this work of remembrance of COVID-19 and its devastating losses.

I have been busy at work cutting paper and preparing folding kits. I have recently purchased a more heavy duty paper cutter in an effort to keep up with the flurry of requests. If you are awaiting your folding kit, please know that it is coming soon.

A big thanks to all of the current participants. Thank you for helping me fold!

Stacks of red pre-cut paper

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