About the artist

Joanna Hutchinson

This project began as a way for me to mourn the COVID victims in our country and beyond. The reality of losing hundreds of thousands of people to this pandemic has been difficult to grasp, as the numbers are larger than what we could have anticipated. They are larger than anything I could have imagined. In the quiet hours at home, I set out to understand the impact of the deaths in the United States. I began by considering how I could create something for each person who had died, as the death toll was nearing 100,000 at that time. As this project has developed, the number 100,000 has become a symbolic gesture to memorialize all those who have suffered in this pandemic.

In consideration of our government’s disregard for human life during this trying time, I decided that this sculpture should be made in the color red. Red for bloodshed, and for anger, but also representing energy and love.

I implore you to participate in the 100,000 Folds project. Completing this origami sculpture would help to create a tangible legacy for the people we’ve lost, and a visual representation of the gravity of the situation and its impact.