First participants

Close up image of stacks of red pre-cut paper

In the last month, I have been working behind the scenes on the nuts and bolts of 100,000 Folds. There are many pieces to this community sculpture project – the paper, the design, the website, the packaging to participants, and of course the participants themselves. I have recently rolled out the project to friends and family. The response has been fantastic. So far there are 15 participants, which has kept me busy cutting paper and putting together supplies bundles to send to each person.

I am honored that people want to join me in remembering the first 100,000 COVID victims through this project. Each fold of the paper helps to cement the memories of those people lost to this terrible disease. It is a mourning project, but also one of hope. I hope that we will do better in the future, and that things in our country will improve.

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